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Photos must be removed from albums and sleeves prior to submitting them for scanning.

VHS transfer to Digital

$ 25
Up to 2 hours of tape plus shipping, handling and applicable tax
  • Tape must be in good working order

Magnetic tape is a popular medium for recording audio and video signals, and it degrades over time due to a number of factors. The magnetic signal recorded on tape is stored in the form of magnetic particles on a thin layer of magnetic material. Over time, these particles can become demagnetized or otherwise degraded, resulting in a loss of signal quality.

One of the main factors that affects the degradation of magnetic tape is environmental conditions. Exposure to moisture, heat, and light can all cause the magnetic particles to degrade over time. For example, high humidity can cause the tape to absorb moisture, which can cause the magnetic particles to stick together and lose their ability to hold a signal.

Another factor that can contribute to the degradation of magnetic tape is mechanical wear and tear. Over time, the tape may become stretched, scratched, or otherwise damaged, which can result in signal loss or distortion. This can be exacerbated by poor storage conditions or improper handling of the tape.

Finally, the quality of the tape itself can also affect its longevity. High-quality tapes that are manufactured using high-grade magnetic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques are generally more resistant to degradation than lower-quality tapes.

Overall, the degradation of magnetic tape over time is a complex process that is influenced by a number of different factors. To preserve the quality of magnetic tape recordings, it is important to store them in cool, dry, and dark conditions, and to handle them carefully to avoid damage. Additionally, it is important to periodically transfer the contents of magnetic tape to more modern digital formats to ensure that they are not lost due to degradation or obsolescence.